A combination of the modern and the classic



A combination of the modern and the classic

DWB 208333DW1802645 | Born: 2018 Color: Dark bay | Height: 170

Breeder: Stutteri Pax, Denmark

Housing: Blue Hors

Availability: Fresh semen

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1st rate: 400 EUR excl. tax

2nd rate: 600 EUR excl. tax

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  • Approved for Oldenburg and Danish Warmblood 
  • A result of the combination of the top-modern dressage-blood of Sezuanclassic Sandro Hit and the powerful showjumping-blood of Lanciano
  • The dam, Sarina Pax, has competed successfully in Small Tour under Joachim Thomsen
  • Out of a very strong damline which includes horses like the Grand Prix mare Wansuela Suerte, WBYHC winner Scara Boa and our own Blue Hors Farrell
Blue hors zack
Boegegaardens don romina
Sandro hit
Blue hors don schufro
Boegegaardens laina
Sandro song


  • Spectrum was purchased as a 3-year-old at German Wilhelm Klausing and is bred by Stutteri Pax in Denmark. He is the result of combining the amazing blood of the topmodern Sezuan, the classic Sandro Hit and the powerful showjumping-blood of Lanciano

    Spectrum is a pleasure to work with. Always ready for the job, and after being broken in, he has developed very swiftly in a positive direction, says breeding manager Martin KlavsenHe is not only very uncomplicated and positive, but also very balanced, which makes everything so easy for him.

  • We expect Spectrum, who is an impressive stallion with lots of expression and spectacular movement, to follow in the footsteps of his bloodlines. Bloodlines which includes Grand Prix horses, young horse champions and approved stallions.

  • Spectrum excels with having a huge quality of movement with rythm and potential in all three gaits. Especially his canter is filled with power, energy and balance. He's a top athlete with a promising future.

    Here type and function matches up with a strong pedigree, and we are very excited to show him to the breeders, says Martin.

Pedigree Performance

  • Spectrum's sire is the Blue Hors Zack-son Sezuan who currently is making a huge splash in both the world of breeding and sport. Several of his offspring are young horse medalists, approved stallions and aaproved stallions all over the world. Therefore both Spectrum's sire and grandsire carries great legacies of exceptional character with Zack being an international succes at Grand Prix-level and Sezuan being a triple world champion for young horses.

  • Spectrum's mother is Sarina Pax who has been active in Small Tour with rider Joachim Thomsen

  • Spectrum's damsire Sandro Hit is the sire to an incredible amount of licensed stallions as well as Grand Prix-horses. In breeding he passes on his dynamic movements to both his children and grandchildren. He har been on the WBFSH's Top 10 for stallions 9 years in a row, and is one of the world's most popular breeding stallions.

  • Damsdam Leandra has bred no less than 7 offspring, who has been sold at the Hannover Auction in Verden, including Sarina Pax, and she is also the half-sister of the Aquilino-son Ariello II, who successfully has competed in Intermediare I with his rider Chiara Rüesch. Leandra is sired by Lanciano who is of classic showjumping-blood. Lanciano has positively affected the breeding of dressage horses with both exterior and an amazing canter movement as well as 22 licensed sons.

  • The Warkant-daugher Wansuela Suerte, who succesfully placed as an individual no. 5 during the olympics in Athens 2004 with Hubertus Schmidt in the saddle, is out of the same damline. Young Horse World Championship winner for 5 y/o's in 2013, Scara Boa, and our own Blue Hors Farrell are also out of this exceptionel damline.


  • Typewise Spectrum appears as a modern and sporty stallion. His movements leaves nothing be wished added, and his rythm and power shows proof of his great mechanic. His biggest highligts is an expressive canter with lots of uphill-tendencies and a spacious trot with a great lift. We expect him to pass on his quality-movements and typewise he is a great fit to a large range of mares.

    Spectrum is expected to pass on his sporty, modern cut and leave his offspring with the same powerful movement and sought-after mechanic as he carries himself with, says Martin Klavsen.


  • First crop of foals will arrive in 2022

Tradition for results

We see the development of the worldwide breeding of sports horses as one of our most important tasks. This foundation carries both our riders, stallions and their offspring to shows and competitions all over the world. Blue Hors horses and riders have won the national championships all over the world several times, competed at European championships, World Cups, Olympic Games, and much more.

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