Stallion out of proven top bloodlines



Stallion out of proven top bloodlines

DE433330685017 | Born: 2017 Color: Bay | Height: 171

Breeder: Klaus Tuchen, Germany

Housing: Martin Determann, Tyskland

Availability: Fresh semen

WFFS Negative

1st rate: 400 EUR excl. tax

2nd rate: 600 EUR excl. tax

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  • Approved for Hannover, Danish Warmblood and Oldenburg
  • Passed his Hengstleistungsprüfung in Germany in 2020 with 8,44 points and the marks 9 for canter, interior, character and work ethic as well as a 9,5 from the test rider  
  • Out of the same dam line as several approved stallions and highly graded mares with his dam being the full-sister of the double bundeschampionat-winner Poetin, who won the WCYH at 6 years old and was sold for 2,5 million Euros
  • Carries no less than three premium stallions in his bloodline; Samba Hit I, II and III and several Grand Prix and small tour horses in the bloodline as well
Poetin vi
Krack c
Sandro hit
Gicara ii
Sandro song
Brentano ii


  • In 2020 Viconte passed his Hengstleistungsprüfung (German performance test for stallions) with a total of 8,44 points with a 9,50 for ridability with testrider, a 8,50 for trot, 9,00 for canter, 7,00 for walk, 8,50 for ridability, 8,00 for jumping, 9,00 for interior, 9,00 for character and 9,00 for work ethic.

Pedigree Performance

  • Blue Hors Viconte has got a pedigree which combines two of the strongest lines of performative stallions in the more recent history of dressage horse breeding. The combination of Vivaldi KWPN and Sandro Hit from Germany who are stallions who have both competed at Intermediate-level alongside carrying out a career as active studs, gives Viconte the best of both the breeding and the riding world.

  • Viconte's dam line is one of the most succesful and productive in Germany during the last couple of decades. Approved stallions like Samba Hit I-V, Caprigold, Quaterback, Quaterhit, Quaterstern, Quinoa, Qualiano, Da Silva, Don Royal, Benedette Ragazzo and Fürst Fontane are some of them, just to mention af few, including several premium stallions.

  • The legacy of this exact dam line got its' international breakthrough with the Sandro Hit/Brentano-daughter Poetin II, who won gold at the World Championships for Young Horses as a 5 year old. Afterwards she was sold for a record price at the P.S.I. Auction, where she became the most expensive riding horse sold at the time. Poetin, the full-sister of Viconte's mother, has got several awarded sisters and approved nephews. Viconte's grandmother and elitemare Poesie is the dam of Samba Hit I-V and the grandmother of Quaterback and more.

  • The dam line has produced an incredible amount of succesful sportshorses all the way up to Grand Prix.


  • Blue Hors Viconte comes from one of the world's very best and most thoroughly bred damlines. Therefore, we can expect that Viconte will contribute positively to the dressage breeding with crops of foals consisting of upcoming sports horses of the utmost quality.

  • Blue Hors Viconte's first year of foals has been born in 2021, and the foals we have seen are promising with elegant format, good exterior, and a steady and spacious gait-potential.

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