Unique Grand Prix stallion of top dressage blood



Unique Grand Prix stallion of top dressage blood

DVH 1155 | Born: 2010 Color: Chestnut | Height: 172

Breeder: Blue Hors, Denmark

Housing: Blue Hors

Availability: Fresh semen

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1st rate: 500 EUR excl. tax

2nd rate: 700 EUR excl. tax

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  • 2nd Reservesieger in Oldenburger Verband 
  • Winner of Louisdor-Preis at the age of 8
  • Winner of the qualifier and no. 3 in the finals of the Danish Young Horse Championships for 6 year olds
  • International Small Tour succes in CDI Herning and CDI Hagen at the age of 7 
  • Producer of very ridable offspring, several approved stallion and the premium stallion Venido
  • His dam, Fabina, was Champion Mare 2003 in Oldenburger Verband and is a full-sister to Blue Hors Don Schufro
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Gicara ii
Pik bube i


  • Blue Hors Veneziano was born here at Korshøjgård in Randbøl, at the Blue Hors location, but that is not the only thing that makes him a very special stallion.
  • As a 2,5yo stallion , Veneziano shined bright at the Oldenburg stallion selection where he was ranked 2nd Reserve Champion. At the age of 8 Veneziano managed to debut in Grand Prix thanks to his great skill set, ability to focus on his rider and his flair for all the higher level movements.

  • As a Grand Prix horse, Veneziano has several impressive victories to boast with, both under Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Agnete Kirk Thinggaard. Agnete says about Veneziano:

- He is a fantastic horse. He is so nice and good tempered that I can ride him out in the woods on a long rein. He is super hardworking and wants to please his rider so much. He is uncomplicated and super well educated, states Agnete.

Pedigree performance

  • Veneziano is son of the Dutch top stallion Vivaldi and the mare Fabina, who is a full sister to Blue Hors Don Schufro. Fabina is Mare of the Year 2003 in Oldenburger Verband, and is also the mother of two "Brilliant Ring" mares and the Grand Prix- and approved stallion; Tailormade Red Rebel.

  • When the stallion Vivaldi was chosen for the mare Fabina, it was with a focus on both individuals' strengths and weaknesses, and the combination of Fabina's high rideability and powerful engine with Vivaldi's impressive front and equally impressive movement, was more than successful.


  • Veneziano fits a wide range of mares. He passes on a nice type, shoulder freedom, good front movement and an even better hind than he carries by himself. Most important of all, is that his offspring are very well-functioning, intelligent and cooperative, just like himself.
  • Martin Klavsen, who has been involved in preparing  Veneziano for his licensings, says:

- The special thing about Veneziano is that you can show him at full force, where he shows himself to the maximum, and then you can just as quickly take him down into a calm walk and line him up. He just does what you ask of him and is so uncomplicated. He is always happy and ready for the game, and that makes him incredibly easy to work with.Veneziano is for sure always a pleasure to deal with, Martin states.


  • Also in breeding, Veneziano has proven to fully live up to the expectations. Veneziano is a strong choice, both in terms of exterior and movement, which must be due to his super strong genes, which show that it is important to have a strong damline behind a breeding stallion.

- Venziano's offspring have shown themselves to have lots of type, format and movement, says Martin Klavsen.


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