A renewal of blood in the breeding



A renewal of blood in the breeding

DVH 1350 | Born: 2015 Color: Black | Height: 170

Breeder: J. Zeewuster, The Netherlands

Housing: Blue Hors

Availability: Fresh semen

WWFS Negative

1st rate: 400 EUR excl. tax

2nd rate: 800 EUR excl. tax

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  • High quality offspring with several top sellers at auctions
  • Super interesting stallion by the Totilas-son; Glock's Toto Jr.
  • Finished his performance test in KWPN with 85,5 points and 9 for ridability
  • Got 95,40 points at the qualifications for the young horse championships for 5 y/o's with a 10 for trot
  • Strong damline with stallions as Flemmingh, Cabochon and Nabuur being represented
  • Extremely good first crop of foals with several auction highlights sold at top prices, e.g. some sold for 35.000 and 36.000 euro
Glock's toto jr n.o.p.
Turbo magic
Desperados frh
Korenda b


  • The KWPN stallion Kingston has come to Denmark, bringing along fresh bloodlines that are not very common in dressage horse breeding. His eligibility as a breeding stallion, however, lies primarily in his talent as a dressage horse.

  • He was licensed by the KWPN in 2018 and passed the KWPN's 50-day test in Ermelo the same year with an excellent result, securing him second place in dressage. His total score of 85.5 points included the following marks: walk (2x) 8.5, trot (2x) 8.5, canter (2x) 8.5, suppleness 8.5, balance and self-carriage 8.5, rideability 9, potential as a dressage horse 8.5.

  • Kingston was approved for Danish Warmblood at Vilhelmsborg in April 2019 with an excellent evaluation.

  • Blue Hors' breeding manager Martin Klavsen cannot hide his enthusiasm for Kingston, whom he describes as a good representative of the Totilas bloodline, which is characterised by a very high level of rideability.

    Kingston is one of the more long-legged and large-framed stallions of the Totilas line. It is a very interesting bloodline and usually a guarantee of willingness to work and rideability, which also describes Kingston", says Martin. - Kingston has a super personality; he is easy to handle and very sociable, and he will respond to the lightest aids. The Dutch horses may not have a reputation for being the easiest, but Kingston is really sweet and sociable, but he also has no Jazz-blood in him nor other bloodlines known for hot temper.

Statement from the 50-day trial in Ermelo

  • Kingston is an honest and reliable stallion with much progress and a very good attitude. The stallion is very cooperative and responds well to the rider's aids. The walk has a clear beat, it is active and ground-covering. In trot the stallion has good mechanics and extension with active, engaged hindquarters and carriage. Canter is powerful, uphill, ground-covering and with good impulsion. Kingston moves with great agility and extremely good carriage and balance. Kingston possesses a great deal of talent as a dressage horse and is a pleasure to ride.

  • KWPN's additional assessment on breeding: Kingston is expected to provide the dressage horse breeding with qualities such as conformation, expression, quality of movement, rideability and a good work attitude.

Pedigree Performance

  • Kingston is by Totilas son Glock's Toto Jr., Edward Gal's great hope for the future. In their heyday, Edward Gal and Totilas were invincible in international dressage and winners of both the European Championships and the WEG. Totilas sired Glock's Toto Jr. who won the Pavo Cup as a 5-year-old and who sired three sons, including Kingston, in his first breeding year.

  • Kingston's dam is the elite mare Arina by Cabochon son Turbo Magic, who has had a dressage career in the United States. Arina is dam to the mare Erina by Houston, who competes at Prix St. Georges level. A son of Arina's sister Elsarina recently passed selection for KWPN licensing. Kingston's granddam Sarina is dam to AES-licensed stallion Griffin by United as well as several other sport horses. The dam line has also produced numerous competition horses, including Lilliane, Picarlo, Iliane, Elian and Gladstone.

  • Influential producers of riding horses like Flemmingh and Nabuur are found in the third and fourth generations.


  • It is expected that Kingston passes on his own good conformation and super performance along with a very good canter. His unique lineage allows him to be combined with virtually any bloodline.
  • Kingston is colour-tested, and is only able to pass on the genes for bay/black-coloured offspring

    - I suspect that Kingston will positively affect the ridability on his offspring, as well as pass on his nice front. He has a lot of talent, and ability to collect himself, and he will without a doubt be a star for the collected work, says Martin Klavsen. 
  • Kingston's offspring includes a son who was among the most expensive colts at the renowned Borculo auction. His offspring has been some of the postitively highlighted foals at several foal shows and auctions. E.g. his son, Vestermarkens Kenzo, who was sold for 35.000 € at the fall auction at Blue Hors in 2020

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