These Blue Hors stallions and offspring will be competing at the World Championships for Young Horses 2022

This year's World Championships for Young Horses (WCYH) starts tomorrow in the town of Ermelo - and on that occasion we can look forward to seeing 15 fantastic young horses who either have roots from Blue Hors, are named Blue Hors by first name, or who have a Blue Hors stallion i 1st or 2nd generation of their pedigree. See which horses we are talking about here!

Zac Efron MT by Blue Hors Zack /LL-Foto

Blue Hors Santiano and Renate van Uytert


  • Blue Hors Santiano
    by Sezuan (Blue Hors Zack) / Blue Hors Romanov
    Breeder: Straight Horse
    Owner: Blue Hors
    Rider: Renate van Uytert
    - Represents Denmark

  • Fille d'or
    by Blue Hors St. Schufro / Fidertanz
    Breeder and owner: Mireille Segatz-Bunte
    Rider: Lisa Koch
    - Represents Germany

Fille d'or by Blue Hors St. Schufro /LL-Foto

Other 5-year-olds with roots from Blue Hors

  • Mauro Turfhorst
    by Zonik (Blue Hors Zack)
    Rider: Dinja van Liere
    - Representing the Netherlands

  • Rashida Van De Kempenhoeve
    by Revolution / Blue Hors Zack
    Rider: Zoe Niessen
    - Represents Belgium

  • Galleria's Summerville
    Sezuan (Blue Hors Zack) / Diamond Hit
    Breeder: ZG Scherbring GbR
    Owner: Hanwha Hotels & Resports Co. Ltd.
    - First reserve for Germany

Blue Hors Zackorado by Blue Hors Zack


  • Blue Hors Zackorado
    by Blue Hors Zack / Florencio I / Donnerhall
    Breeder: Paul Rode
    Rider. Beth Bainbridge
    - Representing Great Britain

  • Allanzo TH
    by Blue Hors Zack / Donnerhall / Rubinstein I
    Breeder: Agneta Herslow
    Rider: Matilda Aldrin
    - Representing Sweden

  • Bon Vivaldi NRW
    by Benicio/Vivaldi
    Breeder: Thomas Sieverding
    Owner: Hermann Lenders
    Rider: Eike Bewerungen
    - Representing Germany
    - Sold from Blue Hors as a 2y/o stallion (purchased as foal)

Bon Vivaldi

Other 6-year-olds with roots from Blue Hors

  • Viva 
    by Van Vivaldi / Blue Hors Don Schufro / Come Back II
    Breeder: Per-Arne Persson
    Rider: Yvonne Österholm
    - 2nd reserve for Sweden

  • Zonik Plus
    by Zonik (Blue Hors Zack) / Hohenstein
    Rider: Justin Verboomen
    - Representing Belgium

  • Global Player OLD
    by Grand Galaxy Win T / Blue Hors Don Schufro
    Breeder: Henrik Hansen
    Rider: Eva Möller
    - Representing Germany

Lyngbjergs St. Paris by Blue Hors St. Schufro


    • Lyngbjergs St. Paris
      by Blue Hors St. Schufro / Blue Hors Rockefeller
      Breeder: Bente Børjesson
      Owner: Vallentin Dressage & United Dressage
      Rider: Victoria E Vallentin
      - Representing Denmark

    • Peggy Sue Nexen
      by Blue Hors Don Olymbrio / Andiamo
      Breeder and owner: Stutteri Nexen
      Rider: Søren Wind
      - Representing Denmark

      Peggy Sue Nexen
      was sold just before the WCYH to the sponsors of the 51-year-old French Olympic rider, Marc Boblet, so the first reserve EVO Schubidoo takes over instead.

    • EVO Schubidoo 
      by Blue Hors St. Schufro / Blue Hors Hotline
      Breeder: Stutteri EVO
      Rider: Anne-Marie Hosbond
      - Representing Denmark

    • Zac Efron MT OLD
      by Blue Hors Zack / Don Larino
      Breeder: Hermann Schildt
      Owner: Gestüt Vorwerk
      Rider: Daniel Bachmann Andersen
      - Sold from Blue Hors as a y/o OLD Sieger Hengst (purchased as foal)
      - Representing Germany

Evo Schubidoo /Private

Other 7-year-olds with roots from Blue Hors

  • Quercus 1415 
    by Quaterback / Blue Hors Don Schufro / Mowgli
    Breeder: Per-Arne Persson)
    Rider: Yvonne Österholm
    - Representing Finland

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