CDI3* Grand Prix: Fantastic fourth place for Zack-son Zick Flower and Cristian! And a win for Zack-son Zackton!

In Thursday's CDI3 * Grand Prix, Blue Hors rider Cristian Tudela Ruiz and Blue Hors Zack's son Blue Hors Zick Flower placed very well on a nice fourth place!

A happy Crisitan hugging his partner Zick Flower

69.565% and a nice fourth place!

Blue Hors rider Cristian Tudela Ruiz was ready to put on a show on his Grand Prix partner, Blue Hors Zick Flower (Blue Hors Zack - Blue Hors Romanov, breeder: Andreas Gregersen), in Thursday's Helgstrand Dressage CDI3 * Grand Prix.

Cristian Tudela Ruiz, groom Henriette Krogh Sørensen and Blue Hors Zick Flower come with several Grand Prix victories in their luggage, including from the CDI3* show at Coenegrachts Stables in the Belgian city of Meerle, where they won the Grand Prix Special with 71% . Prior to that, Cristian and Zick Flower also won the Grand Prix at the Blue Hors Summer Festival 2021.

The pair could therefore ride themselves into a safe fourth place with a test that was rewarded with 69.565%


Heilines Zackton by Blue Hors Zack in 3 * in Grand Prix victory

Carina Cassøe Krüth started her week in Herning off at the top of the three-starred Grand Prix, where she rode herself straight into the undisputed first place of the class with 71,304% on the Blue Hors Zack son, Heilines Zackton (Zack - Come Back II, breeder: Stutteri Heiline )

It was a clearly touched Carina who rode her honors lap on Zackton. Zackton has participated in several Grand Prixs under Carina, but this has to be said to be the pair's most important victory - so far!

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