Successful first Blue Hors Autumn Auction!

The Blue Hors Autumn Auction 2021 has just ended, and that with 100% of the collection horses sold - and a lot of happy buyers both at home and abroad (VIDEO)

With an enthusiastic audience that could firstly enjoy the Danish X-Factor duo Simon & Marcus, as well as our newly approved Hanoverian premium stallion, everything was ready for a successful evening at Blue Hors.

Lots X-factor, lots of dancing and lots of famous pop songs

The X-factor duo Simon & Marcus danced to and sang well-known cover songs from their time at the Danish X-Factor, which was more than enough to get the audience going, clapping and cheering on the two young men from Thy, Denmark.

Marcus Mugisa Enevoldsen, who is 18 years old, and Simon Kozma, who is 19 years old, are both in 2nd grade of Danish High School, and both comes from the city of Thisted. The duo had Thomas Blachman as their mentor during this year's X-Factor - and Blachman must have seen their talent for entertaining, because the boys knew how to give a show that could make even the oldest of breeders laugh and cheer!

Præmiehingst e. For Dance/Dagostini

Exciting new premium stallion

Our new premium Hanoverian stallion by For Dance / Dagostini / Stedinger danced for rider Ulrik Falbe-Hansen's hand when he was shown to the Danish audience for the first time ever at Blue Hors.

The stallion will be stationed at the German stallion station Landgestüt Warendorf in the coming breeding season.

Auctioneer Frederik De Backer

Great prices and happy buyers!

The absolute highlight of the auction was the Escolar-son Blue Hors Emilio, who was presented by Blue Hors Talent rider Cecilie Dybro Jensen. Emilio went to Belgium for the great bid of 104,000 €. The auction's second most expensive horse was Blue Hors Sir Helmut, who went for € 74,000 to a bidder at Blue Hors. Sir Helmut was shown by Nanna Skodborg Merrald, who has also trained Sir Helmut, who will now be ridden by a Danish junior rider.

Here we give you the results and an overview of the prices of the listed auction horses:

  • 40.000 € 
  • Floor
  • 24.000 €
  • Floor
  • 74.000 €
  • Floor
  • 24.000 €
  • Sweden
  • 24.000 €
  • Denmark
  • 13.000 €
  • United Kingdom
  • 104.000 €
  • Belgium
  • 40.000 €
  • Floor
  • 14.000 €
  • Floor
  • 26.000 €
  • United Kingdom
  • 40.000 €
  • Portugal

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