Farrell reaches new highs with 82% in the Bundgaard Byg Cup

Nanna has been nothing short of on fire at this year's Dressage Festival - and in the Bundgaard Byg Cup she was able to strongly underline her superior dominance with a star-quality result on breeding stallion Blue Hors Farrell

Dreamteam Nanna, Ellen & Farrell riding on a winning-streak

"It is SO CRAZY! All classes won with above 75% - that is a wild winning streak!"

- Nanna Skodborg Merrald

The breeding stallion Blue Hors Farrell sets a new record with over 82% in the Bundgaard Byg Cup Final!

You can no longer talk about Nanna riding a wave of victory... It is now more accurate to describe it as a  winning tsunami!

Also in the Bundgaard Byg Cup final, she passed her opponents with a dream of a final ride where especially the trot-program had an almost epic flow and rhythm. Farrell did not put a single hoofstep wrong and, orchestrated by Nanna, it became an experience in a class of its own for the audience. With the grade of 9.5 for choreography, difficulty and interpretation, Nanna landed at a staggering 82% with ease and a great distance to the closest competitors.

Bundgaard Byg Cup Final
  1. Nanna Skodborg Merrald
    Blue Hors Farrell

  2. Carina Nevermann Torup

  3. Betina Jæger Jensen
    Scarlett 712
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