Great results at the ECCO Cup qualification at Heslegård Sportsrideklub

Sophia, Kristian, Blue Hors Elliott, Blue Hors Quintana and Blue Hors Zepter have done well for Blue Hors at the year's last ECCO cup qualification at Heslegård's Sportsriding Club

Blue Hors Quintana/Sophia Ludvigsen, Jon D. Pedersen and Blue Hors Zepter/Kristian Würtz Green

In the ECCO qualification's U25 class, both Sophia Ludvigsen and Kristian Würtz Green have done extremely well with Blue Hors Quintana and Blue Hors Zepter

With Quintana, Sophia has won both Saturday's Intermediare II with 73.816%, Sunday's U25 Grand Prix with 72.907% and the overall U25 part of this ECCO Cup qualification at Heslegård Sportsrideklub, which must be said to put a fine line under the good education Sophia has put into her competition partner over the last few years

In the same classes, Kristian and Zepter came third with 71.096%, second with 71.666% and an overall third in the U25 qualification - great results that bode well for the future of this brand new combination!


Blue Hors Elliott, Sophia Ludvigsen and Ellen Glinvad

Great positions for Elliott and Sophia in the ECCO Young Rider Cup

With a third place in yesterday's Prix St. George and a second place with 75.209% in today's Young Rider Freestyle, it turned into a nice overall third place for Sophia Ludvigsen and Blue Hors Elliott (Blue Hors Erlando/Blue Hors Romanov, breeder: Julianelyst) at this weekend's ECCO Cup qualifiers in the Young Rider classification at Heslegård Sportsrideklub

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