Silver at the WCYH in Verden

In today's final, Nanna & Touch of Olympic L rode themselves straight into a podium place

Fotokredit: LL-FOTO

It's fantastic! Silver at the World Championships for Young Horses! I did not see that one coming!


- Nanna Merrald  

This year, Nanna has ridden herself directly into the absolute world elite!

She continues to ride on this wave of success that began in Tokyo and now today moves her and Touch from a position as no. 6 to a fantastic silver medal in the final.

Touch and Nanna rode a program where Touch Of Olympic L e. Blue Hors Don Olymbrio (breeder Anja & Jan Petersen) showed us that he is a horse with great qualities and a huge potential. With super nice grades of 9.6 for both walk, rideability and capacity, the pair scored 83.965% and is thus the second best seven-year-old horse in the world!

"I am SO surprised and SO happy"

- says Nanna in an interview from Verden. What you might not see on the screen, is the many umbrellas that were positioned all along the short side and which made Touch a little unfocused on his job. But luckily they still got a really nice and flawless ride.

"He's just a gentleman - and we're overjoyed with this result"

- ends a happy Nanna.

Trot: 8,8
Rhythm, suppleness, elasticity, impulsion, swinging back, ground cover, bend of haunches, ability to collect
Walk: 9,6
Rhythm, relaxation, activity, ground cover, freedom of shoulders
Rhythm, suppleness, elasticity, natural balance, impulsion, ground cover, ability to collect, uphill tendency
Submission: 9,6
Standard of training on basis of "Training Scale" (suppleness, contact, straightness). Obedience, including the different movements. Transitions within the paces.
Perspective: 9,6
Potential as dressage horse, ability to collect and take weight
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