Laura and Veneziano takes the win in CDIU25

Laura and Veneziano settled in well at the top of today's U25 scoreboard - and their lead held on the whole way! (video)

Laura Kristine Thorup and Blue Hors Veneziano

Laura and Veneziano placed themselves at the front of the U25 dressage - and stayed there!

They are newly crowned Nordic Champions and will soon go to the European Championships in Hungary - and today they are just as relevant in Herning!

Blue Hors rider Laura Kristine Thorup and the breeding stallion Blue Hors Veneziano (by Vivaldi/Donnerhall) rode in front of today's U25 dressage class with a whopping 70.470%.


The Danish flag to the top once again

The pair must have felt comfortable in this position, because they settled in well and took their lead all the way to victory!

With this victory, Laura and Veneziano could bring the Danish flag to the top once again!


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