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Sales horses educated and developed by the Blue Hors team will be marked with 'Blue Hors'

Sales horses by Blue Hors stallions bred by our breeders will be marked with 'Breeder'

OBS: Do you want your Blue Hors offspring to be advertised in our database as well? Contact us on and we will be ready to help you!

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Dressage horses for sale

In our database of horses for sale you will find a wide selection of quality horses, both foals, young horses and professionally trained dressage horses.

We have made it easier for you by dividing the sales horses into two categories:

  • Horses, which have been trained by Blue Hors' professional equestrian team. These are marked with "Blue Hors"
  • In addition, we have also added a database of offspring by Blue Horse stallions for sale, which is marked with "Breeder"

On the sales page, we have created a segmentation option where you can quickly choose whether you want to look at a gelding, stallion or mare.

Sales horses

Among the dressage horses for sale in the Blue Hors category, you will right now find several charming horses with exciting pedigrees. One of them is the gelding; Foxtrot, an impressive, dark brown horse with three spacious gaits and a functional type. An upcoming star for the young horse championships and performance tests. We can also tempt you with Rubico, a chestnut gelding of a top dressage pedigree with three very good and functional gaits. Rubico has a super temperament that caters to the rider who wants a good ride every day since he is very well-mannered and super easy to handle in all aspects.

All contact regarding the Blue Hors sales horses must go to our breeding manager Martin Klavsen by email: or mobile: +45 29 12 05 09 or our director of sports Ulrik Gerstorf Sørensen by email: or mobile: +45 24 90 94 01

The database of offspring by Blue Hors stallions is marked with "Breeder", and right now we have several sales horses, both fillies, colts, mares, stallions and geldings, all with Blue Hors blood in their veins, as well as great potential to become amazing dressage horses. 

With 25 years of experience in the industry Blue Hors offers personal and professional advice when it comes to selections of stallions, horse-shopping and the purchase of Blue Hors Care products.